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Restful Key and Direct Link Key

Comparing with other website screenshot service provider, we want to provide a stable, safe and useful service. We designed restful key and direct link key to meet the different requirements and usage of our system. Let me talk some more about those two keys.

Restful Key

Restful Key is designed for server to server communication. If anyone passes the correct restful key to us, we will assume it has legal access. Restful Key ONLY can be used with REST API. NOT JS API or IMG API. We designed two types of keys to our system so that it is very secure. Always keep your key secure.

Direct Link Key

Direct Link key is designed for communication between client browser (Chrome, IE, FF) and our API server. The communication does not go through your server. So it is very secure.

To make it safe, one direct link key is bind with one domain or sub domain. This key is designed for IMG API and Javascript API. Even this key is copied from your page, they cannot use it on other websites since it is bind with your domains but not theirs.

Sample Codes
Download Java sample source code for website screenshot
Download PHP sample source code for website screenshot
Download Python sample source code for website screenshot
Download PHP sample source code for convert HTML to image
Use Code Generator to Build the Code

Using our Code Generator, you can quickly generate the source code for IMG Tags. Use page2images code generator for website screenshot.

Free Engineering Service

Premium and XLarge rate plan users get free help with writing and testing code. Please contact us if you need help.