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Does a screenshot generation count as an API call?


When and how are the API calls counted?

The following actions increase the API calls count by 1:

  • Creating a screenshot when it's not already cached
  • Checking if a screenshot is available
  • Any call to an API exposed by us
  • Load image from API server 10 times
  • Display/dwonload an already created screenshot images N Times. N is dependence on the image size.
    Image Size 20K 40K 80K 160K 320K >320K
    1 API credit can download 30 15 8 4 2 1

If I don't use all my API call quota, do they roll over to the following month?

The number of API calls per month is fixed. If you have a premium account, you can opt for a "pay as you go" system, provided you do over 5 million API calls per month. Please contact us to discuss this.

What does threads mean?

It is how many concurrency requests you can call. For example, if you send 1,000 requests in one minute and your rate plan only has 8 threads, system will put the left 992 requests in the queue. When the system finished one of the 8 requests, it will automatically run the requests in the queue. There is no limitation of the queue. You can send as more requests as you want. But we only handle the number of threads at same time.

1 thread can take 1 screenshot in 16 seconds.
4 threads can take 1 screenshot in 2 seconds.
12 threads can take 1 screenshot in 1.33 seconds.
24 threads can take 1 screenshot in 0.66 seconds.
40 threads can take 1 screenshot in 0.4 seconds.

What's the difference between the API calls and renders?

A render is the actual creation of a screenshot image. That means our robot gets the page and then generates a screenshot from it. Once generated, it is cached on our servers for several days. An API call means any call to our APIs.

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Can I use your system to take more than 2 million screenshots per month?

Yes, our system is really powerful. We can handle around 1,000 million screenshot per month with current technology and servers. It is very safe to handle 2 million screenshots per month.