About Us

Design Requirements

As an API provider, our goal is to provide a stable and fast system. Following are our design requirements:

  • Secure: All of API keys are bound with domain. Nobody else can use your key.
  • Reliable: Server availability is with up to 99.9%.
  • Scalable: If there is a high API load demand, our backup servers start automatically.
  • Fast: If the target website network is good, we promise one request can be done in 30 seconds.
  • Simple: We provide a lot of documents including the API tool to help developer to use our API on their system.

Our server framework See why it is so stable and fast

Mobile Device Friendly

Want to get the screen shot on a mobile device. We are your best choice. We did a lot of optimization for iPhone, Android & WinPhone. We are not a fake simulator just resize the screen size. As you can see, we will get the screenshot just like what you can see in the mobile devices.

Redirect Friendly

Most of screen shot API does not support redirect code. We support DNS level redirect, Javascript level redirect and Http header level redirect. More important, you do not need take care this. Everything is done automatically.

Speed 30s get result

Due to we are using server frame and performance balance loader, our server group can handle 200 concurrency request at same time. Each request will take around 5-30 seconds dependence on the network speed of target website.

Reliability EC2 Hosting & 99.9% online guarantee

Our server is hosted on Amazon EC2. We use multiple servers, redundant internet connections and a solid scaling strategy to achieve a highly reliable service. We also used active-active double backup mode for each server which will avoid server unexpected down time. At the meanwhile, we have servers hosted on Japan (for Asia request), Dublin (for European request) which also can be backup of our service.

Company Address

  • Corporate Office (China)
  • Rm. 4FD2, Jiacheng Da Sha, Jinji Lake Road 128#, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China 215021
  • Landline +86 0512 67671223

If you need to contact us, the fastest way is to use our contact form. If you, for any reason, are not happy with our service, please contact us at: support@page2images.com.

Company History

  • 2007 Start up
  • 2012 Release page2images.com website screenshot api
  • 2016 Release www.alltoall.net

Page2Images is a prodction of Suzhou KADA Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Management Team

  • Chen Hu
  • CEO
  • Landline +86 0512 67671223

CEO & Founder of Page2Images.com. Have 12 years experience on web, API field. Worked for Oracle since 2003 for 2 years and start up his companies until now.